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Vinalhaven Ferry Service

The Maine State Ferry Service offers daily trips to and from Vinalhaven. Two passenger/auto ferries run simultaneously from Rockland and Vinalhaven. The daily schedule from April – October is:

Please note that there is limited space for automobiles aboard the ferries, with tractor trailers, cement trucks and other construction vehicles making daily trips. The Maine State Ferry Service restricts the number of reservations available for each boat to about 5 vehicles, but that number is dependant on the size of vehicles making reservations. Trips originating from Vinalhaven require either a reservation, available one month in advance, or a line number available at the Ferry Terminal Office the day before your departure. (Ferry procedures are outlined in the Vinalhaven Island Rentals notebook available in each rental property.) Trips originating from Rockland require either a reservation, again, available one month in advance, or you must put your vehicle in line, (be sure it is the Vinalhaven Ferry Line and not the North Haven Ferry Line) and then be sure to be in your vehicle 15 minutes prior to the departure time to advance your car in line as each ferry loads for departure. On Saturdays during the summer months, plan on enjoying Rockland and its many restaurants, shops and The Farnsworth Museum while advancing your car in line.

Passenger traffic is generally unrestricted; please note there is an additional charge for bicycles.

For fares, reservations and further information, please call the Maine State Ferry Service in Rockland at 207-596-2202 or in Vinalhaven at 207-863-4421. In addition, Telford Aviation provides mail and passenger service to Vinalhaven. For fares and availability, call 207-596-7100.


When you arrive on Vinalhaven, take a right turn when leaving the ferry terminal parking lot. Go approximately 2/10ths of a mile, and immediately after crossing the small bridge in town you will see the Harbor Gawker restaurant on the left side of the street. Go in and ask for Julie who will assist you with your check-in.

*Please note that check-in is only available between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.*