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Vinalhaven Vacation Rentals extended its selection to mainland vacation rental properties in the Camden/Rockport area in addition to the properties on the Island of Vinalhaven. The properties host between 4 and 6 and provide you with a balance of privacy and proximity to a working community of fishermen.

Peruse our listings below to find the best vacation rental property for your needs and budget. In addition to our mainland properties, we offer a selection of waterfront, water view and in-town properties on Vinalhaven Island.

If you have any questions, please Contact Steve for booking details.

Famous Miller Farm House

Sleeps: 6
Price: House Only $2,500/week,
Price: Garage Only: $1,500/week,
Price:Both: $3,500/week
Cleaning Fee: No
Wi-Fi: Yes
TV: Cable
Pets: No